Life at MIHS

If you are passionate about caring for people, there's no place like MIHS. The MIHS difference goes far beyond incredible capabilities - it's the feeling of togetherness among the staff and volunteers, the sense that the work we're doing is important and meaningful.

“Anyone who has that mindset that ‘I would like to learn something new today’, will love it here.”
Lincoln Eager, RN
“We really respect our patients. We're sensitive to people of diverse races, nationalities and cultural and linguistic backgrounds, as well as those who face difficult economic situations. That's what we mean by compassion.”
Wendi Denham, RN
“I love the mission here. I love what we do. I love that as hard as the team may work on a given day, if we’re successful, whatever we do goes back into enhancing the patient experience.”
Derek Murray, MSPT, BSBA